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Terry Parker Student Faces Serious Charges

7:05 PM, Nov 10, 2005   |    comments
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By Deanna Fene First Coast News JACKSONVILLE, FL -- A First Coast teenager accused of bringing a loaded gun to school is facing serious charges. The 15-year-old Terry Parker student was in court today making his first appearance. The judge decided to hold him in detention until his next court date on November 21st. In the meantime, the school is trying to get things back to normal. It was a quiet day at Terry Parker on Thursday, unlike the day before when the 15-year-old was caught with a gun. Principal Dr. Paige French says they were fortunate another student gave them the heads up about the problem. "We took quick action when we heard something, I believe this child was not looking to do anything major, I think he felt he needed it for some sort of protection," she said. First Coast News obtained a copy of the note the suspect exchanged with a friend. In it the friend wrote, 'Don't do something you might regret, you are putting a whole lot of people in danger.' The suspect wrote back, 'No, it's just someone else got one and my homie is going to fight him and I don't want my homie to get hurt.' Lt. Joe Medlin with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says the suspect told them he had the gun to protect a friend. "He's telling us he brought it for protection for a friend because the friend was supposed to have an altercation with another student," Medlin said. In his statement to police, the suspect was very apologetic and hoped he could be foregiven; but his actions are being taken seriously by the school and law enforcement. He will be held in detention for nearly two weeks while awaiting another hearing, and the school has suspended him indefinitely. The principal doesn't expect him back at school. The suspect and his father have been living with relatives, and police believe he got the gun in the house he was living in.

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