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Brothers caught on camera beating student on bus

11:31 AM, Nov 15, 2013   |    comments
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WHITEHALL, Mich. -- A video taken by a Whitehall student shows a classmate being beaten-up on the school bus. Now the aggressors are facing possible assault charges.

Both boys are freshman at Whitehall High School. The alleged victim's sister, Breeanna Morgan, heard the details. "I have not watched and I will not. I saw my stepdad's reaction. He never cries, and it was very emotional to see."

The video starts with a countdown from the person who is recording it. Then, one of the boys can be seen hitting another boy several times. About a minute later, you can see another boy hit the victim in the head with his knee.

The bus driver called 911. Muskegon County Sheriff's investigators say the two aggressors are brothers.

"You're pinning him down and kicking him in the head. You think you're funny-- you're not funny," said Morgan.

In a Facebook posting the next day, one of the brothers seems to be bragging about the attack video. He calls the alleged victim the N-word and threatened to hit him again in the future.

Morgan says the day before, one of the boys put a worm in her brothers hair and he pushed the boy away. She believes the attack was retaliation for that incident.

Whitehall school officials won't say what punishment the two brothers were given, but the superintendent says the incident was taken seriously, and is not acceptable behavior.

"It's awful and I don't want that to happen to anyone, ever", says Morgan.

As for the criminal investigation, The Muskegon County Sheriff's Department says it will be seeking assault charges against the two brothers in juvenile court.


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