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First Coast Finds: The Donut Shoppe

7:23 AM, Nov 15, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Customers sing the praises of the Donut Shoppe on University Boulevard.

"They have just the most fantastic donuts," says donut lover, Kate Bueeks. "We've been eating these donuts in our family for 47 years," said customer Beth Leavitt.

For more than a half century this landmark legend has been satisfying the sweet tooth of Jacksonville breakfast crowd on University Boulevard in Arlington. David Unkelbach bought the business 11 years ago after he worked here as a kid.

"This was my first job when I was 15 years old," said Unkelbach.

They start the donut making process at 9 p.m. the night before by rolling out the dough, cutting it, and frying up the finished product.

What makes the Donut Shoppe donuts so special?

"Nothing is a day old, everything is fresh," said Unkelbach.

There are 19 varieties of donuts from chocolate frosted glaze, bavarian crème filled, twirls, uglies. Uglies?

"The second owner told me he named them after his second wife," said Unkelbach.

Uglies are giant apple fritters with heavily induced cinnamon.

It's the apples, the cinnamon and the love," said Cecelia Moritz, a Donut Shoppe employee.

"He does these uglies like there's nothing to be seen," said long time customer Jean Lloyd.

It's a brisk business, especially on Saturday mornings. So you better have cash. No credit cards are accepted. There's an ATM in the store if you forget.

The atmosphere amongst the employees? "We really are happy here. It's a happy job, sweet job."

Julieta Juarez has been an employee for 8 years.

"They bring in their grandkids and they tell us stories of how long they've been coming here."

Over 51 years the shop has had only four owners and moved three times but it's always been on University Boulevard.

The Donut Shoppe, providing the sweet goodness donut lovers crave since 1962.

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