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Jacksonville car theft victim became suspect in police shooting

6:23 PM, May 16, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Gregory Black, 27, said Wednesday he saw his life flash in front of his eyes.

"I had a gun stuck to my head," said Black, "a gun pointed to my face."

The White Crown Victoria used in Wednesday's police involved shooting belongs to Black. According to a police report, it was stolen last week.

"May 9th, I discovered my car was gone and I reported it," said Black. 

Wednesday, the surgical tech was on his way to work at the hospital when he saw the stolen car near the Monaco Arms apartments and called police.

"I had no idea what was going on all I know is I saw my car and the condition it was in and I wanted to let authorities know," said Black. 

Black said while he was verifying information to one police officer on the phone, he was confronted by another officer.

"He pulled his gun out on me I told him 'I'm on the phone with another officer' he said 'get down get down,'" said Black. 

Black said in that moment, he went from being a car theft victim to being seen as the suspect police were pursuing.

"It is troublesome because you are the victim and you are treated like a suspect," he said.

Black said he was handcuffed and detained for four hours. His grandmother, Fannie Austin, a retired school teacher, said the system failed.

"Even though his car was reported stolen and was trying to tell them that was his car, I don't know why they detained him that long," she said. 

Black said he understands that it was a confusing time.

In the end, he was promised he would get his car after the case is cleared, but he said there was no apology, nothing.

Black feels he was profiled. Even so he still hopes police get the right guy.

"Everybody is not a criminal," said Black.

We contacted JSO for comment and a spokesperson gave us this response via email.

"Beside what has already been released by Chief Hackney about the incident, and the police involved shooting, there would not be any further comment. It is still an ongoing investigation."

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