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Crooks stealing credit card information and spending your money in Clay County

5:19 PM, May 6, 2013   |    comments
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CLAY COUNTY, Fla. -- UPDATE (May 6): Clay County Sheriff's Office said there has been 6 more incidents of credit card theft in the Oakleaf/Argyle area, bringing the total to 28 since April 16. 

CCSO said they believe the criminals are using skimming devices but have no information on where the skimming is taking place. 

The Clay County Sheriff's Office has received a number of calls from people who say criminals have used their personal financial info.

Thieves have gained access to approximately 15 debit and credit card accounts from April 16-22 near Oakleaf.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office said the amount of thefts is higher than usual, but they're under the impression there could be more victims due to the proximity to Duval County.

"It is not just one or two people. There are a lot of people that this is happening to," said Amy Welz, an Oakleaf resident who said her card was compromised.

Welz said she filed a Suspicion of Fraud report after approximately $100 of her money was spent on iTunes for an account, she said she never set up. Her money is expected to be returned.

"[The criminals] are not spending a whole lot on these. We've seen in the past where they spent $400-$500 in fuel. This seems to be around $100 and that's all," said Detective Bill Roberts from the Clay County Financial Crimes Unit.

The FCU said the illegal purchases are coming from Walgreens, Walmart and gas stations predominantly in the Miami and Tampa areas.

Investigators don't know where or how the crooks are getting the card information but are comparing commonalities between each of the reported cases including where the card holder has been and where they've shopped.

"I just basically want to do cash because I don't know where it happened, how they got it or when it's going to be safe," said Welz.

Technology is making compromised credit cards crimes difficult for the Clay County Sheriff's Office to solve because the stolen information can sometimes be stockpiled by crooks.

Illegal charges might be happening now, but the information could have been stolen months ago.

In an effort to keep your card and information safe, the Clay County Sheriff's Office recommends tugging on the ATM slot before using it to check for anything that doesn't look genuine.

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