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FOP of Jacksonville speaks out on Facebook

7:14 PM, Mar 17, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - In a statement released on Facebook, the Fraternal Order of Police, Jacksonville Consolidation Lodge 5-30 clarified the current relationship between Nelson Cuba, Robert Freitas and the FOP organization itself. It went further to explain the bylaws and the constitution of the FOP and the actions it has taken to ensure leadership of the organization as it moves forward.

"Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The last few days have been extraordinarily difficult for our organization, and although all of us have many questions, at this point there are few answers. The purpose of this correspondence is to provide information and clear up disinformation. I want to take this opportunity to assure you that the FOP will continue its business in its customary manner, with a determination to be as transparent as possible.

Line of succession

Pursuant to the by-laws of the Jacksonville FOP, in the event of a vacancy in the offices of President and First Vice-President, the line of succession falls on the Second Vice-President to serve as president. (See Article XI- Duties of Officers). As of the writing of this document, I have been acting President since Tuesday, March 12, 2013. There have been many questions regarding the status of Nelson Cuba and Robert Freitas. Our FOP by-laws address situations like the matter at hand. Please refer to Article XVII of the by-laws, which can be found on your FOP web page. (Click on Members link, then scroll down to "Other Important Docs.").

Foundation actions

The Jacksonville FOP Foundation has had its main operating account frozen by government action. The Foundation Board (which is a separate board from the FOP Lodge Executive Board) has ordered an audit to be performed on the financial records of the Foundation. The Foundation has also authorized the hiring of an attorney to assist in the internal investigation of the financial records as well as the defense of the interests of the FOP Foundation. The Foundation has also removed Nelson Cuba and Robbie Freitas from their positions on the Board, and the Board has voted to appoint David Stevens as Chairman of the Board. Additionally, the paid position of Executive Director, previously held by Robert Freitas, has been eliminated.

FOP Lodge 5-30 Actions

I initiated the following steps to ensure the security of Jacksonville FOP Lodge 5-30 assets. We have verified that the accounts associated with the Lodge are NOT frozen and are in good standing. We have also cancelled any lines of credit extended to Nelson Cuba and Robert Freitas, and changed electronic access codes to those accounts. We have also removed them as signatories on all FOP Lodge bank and investment accounts. Their access codes to the Lodge have been deactivated and the door locks at 530 Washington Street are being changed. To ensure accountability, I assigned three members of the executive board to a committee to recover and inventory all FOP property assigned to Nelson Cuba and Robert Freitas.

As President, in accordance to the FOP By-Laws and Constitution, I presented to the Executive Board the matter of temporarily relieving from duty, Nelson Cuba and Robert Freitas from their executive positions with the FOP Lodge 5-30, pending a formal investigation. The FOP Executive Board was unanimous in its approval of this action.

The Lodge is conducting its normal daily operations, and will continue as such. The Executive Board and Officers of this Lodge want to make certain that the members know we are here for your support, and will continue to serve the membership throughout this crisis. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Lodge.


Steve Amos"

First Coast News

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