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Kelley and Stacy Dyal of Bradford County are thankful for their healthy quintuplets

11:23 PM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
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BROOKER, Fla. -- In the span of just two minutes, a Bradford County couple went from having no children to having five newborns! Now the Dyal quintuplets are getting settled in at their Bradford County home and their parents invited First Coast News over to see what life is like for them.

Kyndall, Kamryn, Kaleb, Kayleigh and Kyleigh Dyal were born at Shands Gainesville in November. The four girls and one boy were born via a planned C-section.
Their mother, Stacy Dyal, was just 29 weeks pregnant and had been on bed rest at the hospital for 40 days. While the quintuplets were born two months early and all under three pounds, they were amazingly all born healthy.
"The procedure started at 3 o'clock on the money and at 3:13, out comes Kyndall, and from 3:13 to 3:15, Kyleigh was last one born at 3:15 so every 30 seconds the babies were coming by," explains their father Kelley Dyal. "Whenever they were born healthy, it was just wow that's amazing. We are looking at five miracles. That's what we are looking at."
Stacy, 31, and her husband Kelley, 40, tried for about two years soon after they got married to get pregnant.
"We did a fertility drug called Clomid for six months and never conceived. Then we waited a few months and tried Follistim, which is another type of fertility drug. Very first try, five babies," said Stacy.
They got the surprising news when she was six weeks pregnant.

"The doctor said 'wow we see five heartbeats.' I was laughing so hard. That's how I react instead of crying. I was laughing so hard that I ended up crying. I was overwhelmed, in shock like 'is this possible? It is,'" said Stacy.
"Did the sonogram and saw all the little babies' hearts and I about passed out," said Kelley.
But instead of panicking, he said, they prayed.
"From day one, we have always had a peace about this. We prayed about this and we just prayed for it. We knew we were going to have five and whatever God's will was, we were going to live it."
After about two months at the hospital, the quints got to come home to their two-bedroom house in the small town of Brooker, Florida near Gainesville.

They now have a lot of help. They're grateful for the around the clock support of their family and friends who rotate shifts.

"When I found out five I thought, 'how am I going to do that?' But it's actually been easier than I thought, but it's all about being organized. We have charts. We write down bathroom, diaper changes, what it was, how much they ate. Everything is charted," said Stacy.
As for telling them apart, mom and dad say they already have very distinct personalities. Their father is quickly figuring out just how expensive having quintuplets will be.
"The rough calculations, as it is right now, they are being changed and fed basically eight times a day on the schedule, so you can figure 40 diapers a day, 280 diapers a week, 1,160 diapers a month and around 14,000 a year so that's what you look at."
The Dyals say they are taking one day at a time and feel blessed to have five bundles of love to raise.
"We prepare for the future but we've got to live for today so we'll just go with the flow ... God hasn't left us yet, and I don't think he will start. He's going to be with us through every step so we will be okay," said Kelley.

The Dyals say their biggest need right now is finding a van big enough to fit the entire family plus a trunk large enough to fit the triple and double strollers.

United Way of North Central Florida has set up a fund to help the Dyal family purchase items for their quintuplets. To make a monetary gift over the phone, call 352-331-2800. Visit to donate online or mail a check to 6031 NW 1st Place Gainesville, FL 32607-2025. Be sure to include a note that the gift is for the Dyal Family Fund.

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