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Super dogs put to the test with Doggy DNA

11:49 PM, Feb 4, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Faster than a speeding mailman ...

More powerful than any tennis ball...

Able to leap small fire hydrants in a single bound....

It's ... YOUR DOG!

Ok, your pooch may not have super powers, but Rover has been credited with everything from reducing stress to increasing their owner's lifespan.

So if Superman is the man of steel, what are canines made of that makes them so special?

To find out, we contracted two prime specimens ... RESCUE DOG and DESIGNER DOG!!!

Rescue dog was marketed as a mystery mix and adopted from the Jacksonville Humane Society.

Designer dog was rescued by First Coast News from a puppy mill operation 3 years ago, where she was being sold as a schnoodle.

We didn't have a laboratory in the fortress of solitude to run the tests, but ARC Labs in Jacksonville agreed to help us out.

Doggy DNA tests have been around for about 10 years, but because of the cost, they are rarely run.

For 90 dollars a pop, the results will tell you what your dog's made up of.

"People tend to think that by knowing a breed, you can tell what type of dog it is, but really it's about behavior. You want to know your dog, to look at the way they act," said ARC Lab's Jennifer Ginn.

So how do they act?

Anyone who has a dog would probably argue their dog has superpowers.

But the Ginn says the results of the DNA test almost always shock their owners.

"A lot of people are surprised, and like how can they be right," she said.

The test compares 300 genetic markers for dogs ... humans only have 100 ... not sure how many superman would have.

But it's safe to say the test is dead on.

Just a simple cheek swab and in 2 weeks, you'll know almost everything about your dog's history.

Take Rescue Dog -- her DNA results are all over the map.

A blend of 4 different dogs her super-dog name just got a whole lot longer.

She's weima-staffer-bully-yorkie dog!

And how about Designer Dog -- remember she's supposed to be a schnoodle.

Well, they were kinda right.

She's about 50% miniature poodle, 25% Lhasa Apso, and 25% everything else.

So if variety is the spice of life, Designer Dog is a Spicey Lhaso Poo.

Does what they're made of really change how super they are?

So next time you hear, it's a BIRD, it's a PLANE, ... it's ... it's.. your dog.

First Coast News

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