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Doctors say you should get flu shot, dispel myth it will make you sick

8:12 PM, Jan 9, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Overwhelming and swamped are two words used by local doctors to describe the First Coast flu outbreak.

Dr. James Moore is back at work at Baptist Primary care in Mandarin after missing all of last week with the flu.

"It was very very bad, a whole week wasted and very demoralizing."

Moore says he's been swamped with flu cases, the worst he has seen in six to seven years.

"It is really really bad, we are having a difficult time seeing patients, urgent care centers, emergency rooms are swamped , it is everywhere," said Moore.

Dr. Rene Pulido said flu cases have really spiked at his office the last two weeks.

"Having some very high fevers, it lasts  4 days to a week and a half, lots of muscles aches, nausea and diarrhea, running the gamut on symptons."

Dr. Moore says it is important to get to a doctor as soon as you think you have the flu, within 48 hours.

Priscilla Roberts brought her daughter, Hanna, to the doctor when she wasn't feeling well because her younger daughter had the flu before Christmas.

"Within two days of showing symptons went to the doctor, got her here and they prescribed tamiflu and within a couple of days she was feeling better," said Roberts.

"If you wait too late the medicines really don't work, you  have to find out if you have the flu, if you do there are medicines you can take, if not you just have to weather the course," said Dr. Moore.

Doctors recommend you get the flu shot since it will help shorten the course of the flu.

Dr. Moore says it is a myth that you can sick from the shot, it used to be that way in the old days. For that reason some are reluctant to get the shot especially the elderly.

"The flu can kill them , put them in the hospital it is very devastating for an older person. Everyone should get a shot. They are nothing like they used to be, they do work, they are extremly effective. It will make your life so much better if you can avoid this influenza." 

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