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Jacksonville woman says neighbor's animals destroyed fence; neighbor won't pay to replace

8:26 PM, Dec 26, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Neighbor against neighbor, all over a fence. One woman said from horses to cows, enough is enough when it comes to her neighbor's animals venturing on to her property.

If you look closely at her land, you can see what Ivette Rivas has been dealing with for the past year and a half. Busted up and broken portions of her chain link fence. For about seven years, a couple acres of land in Jacksonville's rural Westside has been Rivas' home. It is where she cares for 100 animals.

"I have chickens and peacocks and guineas and geese and horses," Rivas said.

She erected the fence to keep them all in. After some time, she claims a neighbor's horse became an issue.

"I talked to him about his horse messing up my fence," said Rivas. "He said that my horse had gotten in there and he wasn't about to fix the fence."

Some months ago, she said another neighbor's cows further damaged the fence. Again she inquired about a fence fix.

"He said 'if you're going to be acting ugly, I'm not going to fix that fence,'" Rivas said.

She said her neighbor built a barbed wire fence as a solution. But she said it was not enough.

"I'm really upset because now, wild animals are coming in here," Rivas said as tears welled up in her eyes. "About a week ago, 44 of my animals died."

It is a fence fight she is tired of having.

"I want him to fix my fence," Rivas exclaimed. "He's responsible for fixing it. His animals are tearing it up."

First Coast News did get a hold of one of the neighbors who tells us he is not at fault and will not fix her fence. He claims Rivas' animals are the ones that are breaching the fence.

First for you, fence disputes are some of the most common in Florida. Here are some tips so things don't escalate.

1) Consider trying to come to an agreement with your neighbor about the fence.

2) Try to document any damage to a fence.

3) Consider corresponding with your neighbor in writing.

4) If that fails, you might want to consider legal action.

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