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Friends hold flash mob outside Boston cancer patient's window

8:29 PM, Dec 3, 2012   |    comments
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BOSTON (WHDH) -- Friends and family organized a flash mob, in an amazing show of support for a local woman fighting for her life at Mass General Hospital.

Eileen McGuirk is battling cancer and wasn't feeling well enough to handle all the calls and visits from friends and family.

So, her husband saw a window of opportunity to lift her spirit from several floors below.

"She did ask, what's going on out there, is there something happening? They said there is something happening why don't you come over and take a look," said McGuirk's friend, Janis Clifford.

Eileen Mcguirk, an elementary school teacher from Danvers, was recently admitted to Mass General Hospital in a room overlooking the Charles River.

McGuirk had such a steady flow of visitors at MGH, it became overwhelming. So, her husband drew up another plan--on a napkin, no less. The idea: have everyone stop by, without stepping inside.

"With social networking it just spread and before we knew it people kept arriving," said Janis Clifford.

Last Sunday, more than 200 friends and co-workers gathered on the field below.

"It was a special day out there, it was really something to see all those folks turn out for Eileen," said Tim Clifford.

The group held signs, did the wave and performed choreographed dances.

"She was shocked. She thought it was just a group of people. At first she didn't know it was her friends. So they gave her a pair of binoculars so she was able to identify everybody," said Janis Clifford.

From the hospital room, Eileen and her family couldn't hear what was going on, so they put on music that synced up with the music down below. They also passed around a phone on the field, so she could talk with everyone.

"We kind of moved the phone around the crowd and let people say 'hi Eileen' and 'we love you,'" said Eileen's co-worker, Jennifer Mscisz.

Then, the big finale. The large group spread out to form a giant heart, which was easier said than done.

"Eileen looked and said 'I think they're making a shamrock.' Turned out to be a heart," said Tim Clifford.

Friends said the giant gesture was the least they could do.

"When you feel helpless, this was a way for everyone to get together and kind of lift her spirits and let her know how much we love her and care for her," said Mscisz.
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