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Justin Glennon kicking off step it up-stop the violence campaign

6:21 AM, Dec 3, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Justin Glennon is a 30-year old rap artist and music event promoter who says Jordan Davis' death is another example of increasing violence in the city and he wants to do something to stop it.

"We have to stand up now and change it, and there's not many people my age that are willing to do that."

Justin Glennon says he's lost a lot of friends in the last two years to violence. He wants to honor Justin Davis' memory by staging a march thru downtown next Saturday morning, and also kickoff a  step it up, stop the violence campaign that his company Visionary Entertainment has recently started in New Orleans with the help of his business partner in that city.

He says it's time to bring the campaign to Jacksonville.

"Trying to just build the unity between the people in the community so we can try to stomp out some of this violence that has been going on , it's really getting outrageous in the city."

Glennon, known by his nickname "Bread the King" by many in the local music industry, is inviting people of all ages, races, backgrounds and political parties to step up and join his rally against violence.

"We are ready to draw a line in the sand and say, how can we work together , how can we make this a better place for everybody to live."

Glennon wants Jacksonville to be a safe place for his children, including a son named Jordan, so families can worry less. He hopes this event can urge people to handle situations in everyday life without jumping headfirst into altercations and violence.

"Stop and think more about how the things you do effect the people who love you."

The march will begin at the old courthouse and go to the new courthouse, beginning at 9 a.m.  He hopes to have entertainers and others there to speak out against violence and have an open mike session.  He's invited the mayor and other politicians.  He hopes to have music if he can get the proper permits, but music or not, it is about making Jacksonville a less violent place to live.

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