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'Ma Barker house' is up for sale

9:51 PM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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OKLAWAHA, Fla. -- Sotheby's realtor Mark Arnold is trying to sell what's known as the Ma Barker house. The asking price is $889,000, including 9.5 acres and one heck of a story.

"All of the contents are the same as in 1935, the night of the shootout. We know that  because of the FBI photos crime, scene pictures," Arnold said.

In an FBI photo, the bed in the picture is the same as the bed that's in the house. The dresser is still in the same spot. Even the little chair in the corner is the same.

In the 1930s, Ma Barker protected her boys, known as the Barker gang.

"Because they weren't the best of boys. They had quite a history of murder and mayhem across the Midwest," Arnold said.

Ma Barker found a realtor -- who didn't know who she was -- and hooked her up with this home on Lake Weir in Oklawaha. Seemed like a quiet little hide-out.

But the FBI was on the look-out for Ma and her boys.

"They were after the Barkers. They had already killed John Dillinger, the month before and Bonnie and Clyde," Arnold said.

The investigation led FBI agents from Jacksonville to the home in 1935, where Ma and her son Fred were hiding.

"It was the longest FBI shootout in history. Approximately 4 hours," Arnold said. "They were the only two in the house. Died here together. Died with Tommy guns in their hands. Two thousand rounds of ammunition fired into the home over a 4 hour period."

And the bullet holes still remain -- in furniture and in walls -- mostly plastered over.

The owners -- a family in the Miami area -- want to sell to someone who keeps the place intact.

"No one really lived here. The family just came and went. They used it as a summer home," Arnold explained.

A quiet home -- except for that shootout one day in 1935 with the infamous Ma Barker.

For more information about the home and its history, click here. 

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