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Jacksonville mother, daughter stuck in NYC after Sandy

10:05 PM, Oct 30, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- For a Jacksonville mother and daughter, a trip to the Big Apple has turned into one much different than they had planned.
They were scheduled to fly home last night, but Sandy got in the way. On Tuesday night, they were stranded possibly for several more days in a hotel with no power.

"Our flight has been cancelled four times in three days," said Nikki Vorwerk.

Vorwerk and her mom Linda planned a girl's weekend trip to New York to see some plays, go to a show and have fun. They didn't expect to end up in the dark.

"I think you grow up in Jacksonville and you don't think too much of hurricanes and what can hurt you in New York City as far as a hurricane so they kind of knew it," said Nikki's father Leo Vorwerk. "They booked the trip about a month ago. They thought it would be a little adventure, it might be a little storm, but none of us thought it was going to be this bad."

Leo Vorwerck, co-director of tennis at San Jose Country Club, stayed behind in Jacksonville.

He has been keeping up with his wife and daughter on their cell phones the best he can, but Monday night, the power at their hotel went out and now they're stuck spending the night in a small room without electricity and without a way to charge their cell phones at their hotel.

"Most of Manhattan still does have power. It just happens to be a transformer blew over by us," Nikki said. "We didn't see any really heavy gusts of wind or rain. It was just flooding they were worried about in the lower part of Manhattan."

While Leo waits for his wife and daughter to return safely, they are scrambling to find a way home.

"Right now we are looking into options of renting a car or taking a train to Philadelphia to fly out of there," Nikki said.

"At first it was kind of an adventure. They're pretty independent so I wasn't really worried, but as it drags on here a little bit, you hate to see it and I'm concerned obviously," Leo said.

The earliest flight they can both get on out of the New York City area is Friday, but they're hoping to find a way back before then. First Coast News will be keeping in touch with them and keep you posted.

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