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How are Undecided voters feeling about the Presidential debates? First Coast News asked two to watch the debates at our studios.

10:35 PM, Oct 22, 2012   |    comments
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  • Chris Schaus, 41, Independent and Undecided in the 2012 Election.
  • Bobby Campos, 45, Independent and Undecided in the 2012 Election.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- For the last two Presidential debates, First Coast News asked two Independent and Undecided voters to watch the debates at our studios. 

Meet our voters:  

Name: Chris Schaus

Age: 41

Party Affiliation: Independent

Who did you vote for in 2008 and Why: I voted for Obama, because I thought our nation needed a change and was disturbed and highly disappointed by what the Republican party had devolved into under Bush/Cheney/Rove, etc. Bush left this nation worse off (unless you were very wealthy) in every respect after his 8 years in office.

Why are you Undecided in 2012: I am undecided because while I admire and agree with some of what President Obama has been able to accomplish in his first term, particularly with regards to changing the health insurance laws, I am not completely sold on him as deserving a second term. I take pride in being independent minded, moderate, pragmatic and fair. In every election I always give both viable candidates a chance to win my vote with an open mind. I have been more than willing to allow Romney and the GOP a chance to win my vote with their proposed laws and policies, I pay little attention to mere rhetoric and I fact-check . I am not a fan of party politics or extremism. We live in an incredibly diverse and dynamic country, I believe that is our strength and we will move forward only if we work together and compromise for the good of our country. Unfortunately calm, intelligent, moderate, thoughtful compromise for the betterment of our country is not the way business is done today. Politics and governing is not a game and there are rarely two clear "sides" to an issue or way of life. Sadly today it is too often thought of and covered like a sport with "winners and losers" . To continue this way of thinking about the way we govern our country is both childish, foolish and ultimately (in my mind) unacceptable. It is one of the reasons I am an Independent.

What would you like to see the President, whether it's Mitt Romney or President Obama, accomplish in the next four years: If either Romney or President Obama wins I would like to see the proposed lawmaking, budgeting and planning be conducted in such a way as to benefit the middle and working class citizens first. The wealthy and well-connected have been well taken care of by lawmakers and leaders in both parties for quite some time now. I would like to see education and scientific research be made a priority. We need big dramatic goals and leadership in these areas. Intellectual capital and scientific/engineering breakthroughs are essential for our long-term physical and financial security. Just think about how much innovation has been undertaken and how our general standard of living has benefitted by investing in damming rivers, dredging ports, our public universities, the space race (hello satellite technology! Cell phones! The Internet!), the interstate highway system. Countless trillions of dollars have been generated and lives enriched because as a nation we were not afraid to say yes to ourselves, invest in our citizens and innovate. Sadly today's politicians tend paint on a much smaller canvas. We used to be the kings of ideas and we are too often content with video games, reality tv and cheap attitude over intelligence and reason.

Hopefully regardless of who wins their policies will uplift and enrich and inspire all Americans, not just the privileged few who were able to cut a big check during the campaign. I hope this to be true...but I am not going to hold my breath. 

Name: Bobby Campos

Age: 45

Party Affiliation: Independent

Who Did You Vote for in 2008 and Why: I voted for John McCain because I decided that McCain/Palin were the better of 2 evils (sad to say).

Why are you Undecided in 2012: Do we stay the course and possibly end up like Greece, Spain, and France drowning in Debt? Do we make a change for a conservative more cut and dry business approach? I hear good arguments from both sides and am currently being pulled by misleading television ads. Let's be honest... we should not be voting to elect a president based on how clever and creative his campaign and slogan managers are but by the facts and the records that they stand on.

What would you like to see the President, whether it's Mitt Romney or President Obama, accomplish in the next four years: 1) Bring down taxes for the middle class. 2) Cut unnecessary spending(i.e.  to help balance the budget) 3) Create jobs to bring more tax dollars and 4) No socialized medicine.

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