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TAN USA location closure leaving customers upset

5:16 PM, Oct 17, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Kim Mott has been a customer at the Beach Boulevard Tan USA location for at least a decade and was stunned when she showed up for a treatment.

"Friday before last when I tried to get in, the doors were locked," said Mott, "No note, nothing!"

Mott likes the Beach Boulevard franchise location she said, because it is convenient; she pays 30 days in advance.

"I got a little less than two weeks and the eleventh of this month would have been 30 days for me to pay up again," said Mott, "So actually out of the month, I only got to use it two weeks."

Michelle Winkler also has a history with the same tanning salon.

"When I went up there, a lot of girls were standing outside the doors," said Winkler, "They were locked and there were no sign stating anything."

Recently, when Winkler and Mott discovered the facility was closed and out of business, they were disappointed.

"It is not fair," said Winkler, "At least put a sign on the door, call these customers that got packages and tell them what is going on."

Mott's perspective is much harsher.

"It is basically stealing because we paid for services," said Mott.

There's a sign in the building that states "no refunds." But trying to talk with the franchise owner has been difficult. The phones are disconnected.

"I've been a member for so long," said Mott, "I've been a gold member. This is the third time they have transfered ownership and the doors were always open."

Not this time. This time, the landlord, Sleiman Enterprise, is the process of liquidating the inventory for the rent owed.

Beth Marlow, franchisor, said she can intervene and offer two options:

-Arrange for transfers to the two other franchises if the clients are interested

-Reach out to the owner to see if has made plans to help her clients  

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