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Teen mom asks sister to give her baby rat poison

12:09 PM, Oct 16, 2012   |    comments
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MODESTO, Calif. -- A mother accused of trying to poison her baby, appeared in a Modesto courtroom Monday morning.

Cashel Sophia Phin plead "no contest" to one count of soliciting to commit murder, and accepted a deal from the Stanislaus County District Attorney that will see her sentenced to six years in prison.

Phin was arrested in early May after authorities said she tried to convince her 10-year-old sister to put rat poison in her one-month-old baby's bottle.

Three other charges against Phin; a second count of soliciting to commit murder, attempted murder, and willful poisoning, were all dismissed.

Throughout the hearing, Phin remained calm and appeared relatively emotionless; a byproduct of medication she is taking, according to her public defender Donnel Snipes.

"She has evidence of emotional problems, psychiatric problems" explained Snipes. "In fact, she's on psych meds right now in the jail. That's why she appears to be emotionless."

According to Snipes, Phin's baby is now healthy and is either in protective custody or with Phin's family.

Phin will reappear in court on November 15 for sentencing.


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