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Sacramento youth football coaches' fight caught on video

3:50 PM, Oct 11, 2012   |    comments
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SACRAMENTO, CA (KXTV) - It's video that's shocked a lot of people: A coach at a youth sporting event attacks another coach.

After a game in the NorCal Youth Football League in Sacramento, between the Grant Chargers and the San Francisco 49'ers, the Junior 49'ers coach tackled the Chargers' coach.

With that weekend brawl behind them, the Chargers are focused on moving forward and making sure the players learn the right lesson from the incident.

During the fight, mom Deanna Deloney had one thing on her mind, and you can hear her shout it in the video, "Where's my son?"

Fortunately, Deloney's son, who plays on the team was unharmed, but the mother worries about what the young athletes will take away from this.

"We try to teach the kids respect," Deloney said. "We as adults need to learn respect."

Since the weekend fight, players, parents and coaches have watched the incident repeatedly after it was posted on YouTube.

Many affiliated with Sacramento's Grant Chargers said it's clear that the San Francisco coach was the aggressor. Nonetheless, Chargers president William Brown said all the grownups have to take responsibility for their actions.

"If you've got an adult coach, right, he's got to be able to carry himself in the right way 'cause he is over the kids," Brown said. "That's what I teach my coaches. You're over the kids, carry yourself in the right manner."

Brown said Coach Joe Tys from his team exchanged heated words with the San Francisco coach, but it was the San Francisco coach who went too far.

"He runs through the crowd, knocks over the team mom, okay, then turns around and attacks Joe Tys," Brown said.

With no reports of serious injuries from the brawl or plans to take the matter to authorities Brown said all those involved have been disciplined including his own coach.

"He's suspended just for this week, but he'll be back," Brown said.

Team officials hope the young players will learn that poor sportsmanship has consequences, and parents hope the adults at the center of the brawl will learn a lesson of their own.

"This is a little league. This is a fun activity for the kids. It's not for the adults," Deloney said.

Team officials pointed out that after that fight was all over, they spoke to the audience denouncing the violence, and the Chargers next division went on to win their game.

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