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Fans believe win could boost ticket sales

11:02 PM, Sep 23, 2012   |    comments
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Photo Gallery: Jaguars at Colts

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jaguars fans were ecstatic about the team pullling off a late game victory on the road and say the win should boost the team's confidence.

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Navy sailor Clyde Doe and his wife Jolynn were out for a night at the Landing after watching the Jags game from start to finish, and they were ecstatic about the way it ended.

"That put a smile on your face?," Doe was asked. " Definitely, an ear to ear smile, (laughing)"

"I just started running and jumping up and down , and running around, I was so happy," said Jolynn Doe.

Clyde Doe said the game winning touchdown play by Blaine Gabbert was what he had been hoping to see out of the Jags second-year quarterback.

"I am a die hard Jags fan and I was waiting for that oppurtunity, waiting for that moment , connecting on a pass like that. Wouldn't say he couldn't do it but I was waiting on it and we got it today," said Doe.

Paul Sulzbacher  was happy to see his team put one in the win column. "'I thought it was awesome, the team didn't give up, they fought to the end," said Sulzbacher. 

Doe says the big win today will mean he'll be buying tickets to go to a Jaguars game

"We need more home team support of the team , this gives me that extra uumph to go out there and get a ticket."

Tristan Morhous says he went to last week's depressing loss to Houston and in no way did the team need to come out on the losing end of three games in a row. E

"Everyone would be questioning the new staff, owner, management, everything, Gene Smith," said Morhous."If we would have lost,   the Fire Gene Smith thing would be going around. We won this game, it means a lot to the city, we needed this. Maurice Jones Drew turns it on , rushed for almost 200 yards. I think it is one of his best rushing days ever , and against the Colts. You can't ask for anything better than that."

"We just hope this is the beginning for them, this is the first win,of the season, we just hope they keep on," said Jolynn Doe.








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