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Brunswick to ban saggy pants on city property

10:33 PM, Sep 20, 2012   |    comments
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BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- Crimes of fashion in Brunswick can now warrant a ticket if the saggy pants-wearers are caught on city property.

"We trying to clean up Brunswick," said Brunswick Mayor Pro Temp James Brooks.

Brooks proposed the ordinance against sagging pants, which he said passed Brunswick City Commission unanimously Wednesday.

"Walking around with your pants to your knees is unpresentable, just period," said Keon Baldwin.

Saggy pants offenders could be slapped with a $25 fine. If it isn't paid, the violator can be held in contempt of court.

"I just believe this ordinance is going to just go a long ways to helping us as community people tell these guys, listen, pull your pants up, look better, do better," said Rev. Kenneth Adkins of Greater Dimensions Christian Fellowship. "You can call it as stereotypical as possible but many of the African Americans who wear their clothing like this are normally those who are in the drug trade."

But some Brunswick residents call it just that - stereotyping - despite the fact that the baggy pants trend has spread to the suburbs and to all races.

"Ya'll trying to categorize people who sag, young men, older men, anybody who sags, as being drug dealers, gangbangers," said Kanecka Higgins. "They really ain't even all that."

"I think it's control," said Devin Jackson. "I mean, you go so far as to tell someone to pull up their pants when they're walking down the street like you buy their clothes or something. That ain't cool."

Some also wonder how the officer will decide?

The ordinance states pants or skirts three inches below the waist exposing the skin or undergarments are in violation.

"They should know where the waist is at because anytime you see people walking and they're hanging, your waist ain't here. Your waist here," Brooks explained.

Brooks said ultimately, it will be at the officer's discretion.

The ordinance takes effect in 30 days.

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