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Voting opens Tuesday

10:02 PM, Aug 13, 2012   |    comments
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NASSAU COUNTY -- It's winner-take-all in the race for Nassau County Sheriff.

Voters must decide who will replace Sheriff Tommy Seagraves who is not running for a third term.

The candidates list is long: Steve Whitley touts more than three decades in law enforcement. So does Bill Leeper who served as many years in the Florida Highway Patrol. Garland "Bubba" Rhoden has seven years and presently is a narcotics detective. Chris Hartley has worn a badge before and says business experience is a plus for him.

"They've said a lot of things need to be looked at and reviewed. Some of the big things, we got to do something with our budget," said Whitley.

"Nassau County is so ready for something different, Roger, I am bringing new leadership we need to step away from older leadership. Folks in Nassau County have spoken up they are tired of good old boys system and I'm the guy to take in a new direction," Harley told First Coast News' Roger Weeder.

"They just want to see somebody come in a do the community well from what I am hearing. They want someone to come in be honest and answer their questions. They want to call down there if they ask specific things about budget, want to hear about it," said Rhoden.

"The first thing I want to do is top to bottom review of agency and do this by outside professionals making sure the review is accurate  and make changes. Want to have all the facts before we do that," promised Leeper.

So in the sheriff's race Independents, Republicans and Democrats all decide who will be the next sheriff with that person taking office in January.

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