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Christopher Bacca's alleged victim hires attorney

10:45 PM, Aug 13, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Christopher Bacca was named Teacher of the Year at his school before being arrested on 6 counts of Felony Sexual Assault against a minor.

Now the alleged victim's family has hired an attorney to represent them.

"Think about if you were a mother, who trusted your child to an educator. And then you were deceived and taken advantage of like this. Shocking it's devastating," said Attorney A. Wellington Barlow.

Barlow says Bacca's alleged victim had developed a close relationship with the young boy as his teacher at Windy Hill Elementary School.

"We are entrusting these people to take care of our kids. So we need some questions answered about these people that have the custody and care of our kids," he said.

The records are public.

Duval County Spokeswoman Jill Johnson says anyone can ask for a teacher's personnel file, and pull their records from the Professional Practices Commission in Tallahassee.

"Parents need to ask some tough questions. School is about to start next week, and these parents need to know who their children's teachers are. Do they have any pending investigations? Have they been cleared from investigations? Are there any investigations pending," he said.

In the case of Christopher Bacca, parents might have been surprised to learn what was in his file.

He had been investigated in 2009 for having an inappropriate relationship with a child... and while charges were not filed in the case, Barlow thinks it's something parents would want to know.

"This young man having been investigated about something like this in the past, even though he was cleared, that's good information for parents to have at their disposal, they can make an educated decision," he said.

He hopes parents will ask those questions before school starts.

"Had certain questions been asked of this particular individual, we might not be here right now. That's how serious it is. Parents need to be vigilant," he said.

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