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Police: Man arrested after hitting multiple cars on I-95

2:39 PM, Aug 12, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has arrested a 26-year-old man after they say he hit numerous cars while driving on I-95.

Around 7:20 p.m. Friday night a JSO deputy was working a traffic crash on I-95 at Zoo Parkway.  While he was conducting the crash investigation, he saw a black Mercury Grand Marquis drive by him at a high rate of speed, according to an arrest report from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Shortly after seeing the Mercury Grand Marquis go by, three traffic crashes were reported within 8 minutes of each other, all claiming to have been hit by a black Mercury Grand Marquis.

The first person was hit near the intersection of I-95 and Zoo Parkway.  The first victim said she was driving on the highway when a black Mercury Grand Marquis hit her vehicle before speeding away.  The victim was able to give police the tag number of the Mercury that hit her.

The second person said they were hit at 7:22 p.m. by the Grand Marquis a half mile north of Broward Road and I-95 at 7:20.  The victim said she was struck by a black Mercury four door vehicle with tinted windows and that the driver continued on I-95, traveling at a high rate of speed and weaving in and out of traffic.  The female victim said the Mercury hit her car from behind.  The woman went to the hospital for treatment of an injured shoulder and elbow.

The third victim said they were driving at I-95 Northbound and I-295 when the black Mercury Grand Marquis hit them from behind as well.  The last of the victims of the series crashes tried to follow the car but told police due to the erratic driving and the driver swerving in and out of traffic, he decided to pull over and call police instead.  The man was able to take a picture of the Mercury involved in the crash.  According to the report when he showed it to police it matched the description of the Mercury involved in the other two crashes and the car that sped past the officer while he worked the earlier crash.

Police took the tag number and tracked down the registered owner.  She told officer her son, Joe Williams, had been driving her car.  She told police he did not stay with her but instead stayed with his girlfriend.

Officers determined where the girlfriend lived and once they got to her house they found the black Mercury Grand Marquis that matched the description given by the victims: tinted windows, black rims and had the same tag number given by the first victim.  Deputies also saw damage to the front grill, bumper and side lights, according to the report.

When deputies knocked on the door Williams' girlfriend answered and said that he was asleep.

Police attempted to rouse Williams, but he tried to put his hands underneath his body.  Officers were eventually able to handcuff Williams, but, according to the report, after he was handcuffed he attempted to knock the two officers down with his shoulders.

After Williams had been Mirandized, Joe was shown the damage to the car.  According to the report, he said a couple expletives and then told police he was coming home from work and "was just ready to get home"  Williams apologized to police for his actions during the arrest, saying he was asleep and had not wanted to be awakened.

Williams was issued three citations for leaving the scene of the three crashes, he was also charged with resisting an officer without violence to his or her person, failure to provide proof of insurance, and driving with driver's license suspended or revoked - habitual traffic offender.

The arrest report also mentions Williams' driving record.  He has traffic citations dating back to 2006 and going all the way to 2011 for infractions such as failure to pay traffic fines numerous times, failing to appear on traffic summons and having his driver's license revoked (in September 2008) for being a habitual traffic offender.

Williams is currently being held in the Duval County Pretrial Detention Facility.  His bond has been set at $28,015.

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