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Green Cove Springs businessman loses $25,000 dump truck

6:26 PM, Jul 30, 2012   |    comments
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GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. -- William Hutchings is in the land clearing business, but he's unable to work because the big wheels needed for his business are missing.

"I have no business anymore," he said. "I am out of business I have no way to haul dirt."

In September 2011 during a delivery of dirt to a customer, the truck tipped over into a ditch. Hutchings said he eventually got it up right, but the truck stayed on his customer's property from September to December. Assistant State's Attorney Ernie Dukes said due to the vehicle being on the property that long it was considered abandoned and it is a civil matter.

"Bottom line is I got stuck on the property," said Hutchings, "I tried to get it back, he wouldn't let me so it is not abandoned."

In June 2012, investigators found his $25,000 dump truck, with a new title. It is no longer on the customer's property and it is off limits to Hutchings while the case is being investigated.

"My truck that I have a title to is sitting in at a scrap yard," he said.

Hutchings believes the vehicle was sold and it should be a case of grand theft auto. The Clay County deputy investigating the case said the allegation is unfounded.

The property owner gave Hutchings seven days to remove the truck last October. The businessman said it was not a proper notice and does not meet Florida law for proper notification. He's now asking the State's Attorney Office to review the evidence and restore the backbone of his business.

"I want my dump truck back," said Hutchings.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office investigator in his report stated the truck was removed by an unknown tow company and the property owner denied selling the vehicle.

State Attorney spokeperson Jacqueline Bernard said the case is still under review and no decision has been made.

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