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Have you seen 'Call Me Lochte' parody?

6:13 PM, Jul 29, 2012   |    comments
By Rob Schumacher, USA TODAY Sports Ryan Lochte won gold in the 400 IM on Saturday, while teammate Michael Phelps finished fourth.
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By Jesse Yomtov, USA TODAY

Remember everyone was talking about the U.S. Olympic swimming team putting together a music video for Carly Rae Jepsen's song Call Me Maybe?

That was so two days ago.

The hilarious people at The NOC, who have been providing us with Steve Nash's latest movie parodies, have put out this brand new gem.

As the actor mimes himself some Subway sandwiches and bong hits, we're serenaded with what one could imagine is inside Ryan Lochte's mind as he tries to overcome his biggest obstacle, teammate Michael Phelps.

The lyrics:

I'm in a personal hell

I kind of hate Michael Phelps

I wish he'd drown in a well

That dude is in my way

When I first saw that guy swim

He got nothing but wins

I could've sworn he had fins

But now he's in my way

More gold than Mark Spitz

Strange pecs, taking bong hits

Stay smooth, shave your armpits

Where you think you're swimming, Mikey?

Hey, I'm not Michael, don't eat at Subway

But this is my year, so call me Lochte

Its hard to swim right, by Phelps baby

But this is my year, so call me Lochte

Now I'm the king of the pool

I made you look like a tool

Bob Costas thinks that I'm cool

I pushed you out of my way

You were my idol

Now you're just a rival

Don't get suicidal

Where you think you're swimming, Mikey?


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