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Dark Knight Comic Book page shows theater shooting

1:23 PM, Jul 20, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A comic book page from the Dark Knight featuring an apparent shooting scene in a movie theater is making the rounds on Twitter and other social media.

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According to Neil Sindicich, manager at local comic book store Universe of Superheroes in Jacksonville Beach, the page is not what it appears on the surface.

"Arnold Crimp is a mentally ill and unstable character in the comic. Crimp believes Lynyrd Skynyrd is trying to kill him. He [Crimp] thinks he's defending himself in this scene," said Sindicich.

Sindicich stresses that Crimp is a mentally unstable character and wants to be sure the public does not view comics in general or the Dark Knight as an inspiration for violence and acts like the Auroroa theater shooting.

"It is always hard to weigh in on heinous actions that are viewed as 'similar' to scenes in comics. In the case of the recent theater shooting there are too many unknown variables to determine whether the shooter's intentions had anything to do with a scene in the comic portraying a criminally insane shooter," adds Sindicich.

"For years violence in comics, games, television and movies have all faced scrutiny as to how they affect the consumers of the media.  It's important, however to take into perspective the mass number of people who are unaffected by these forms of violence in media, compared to the very few consumers who have committed violent acts. After all, Jack the Ripper didn't read comics or play violent video games.  Mass murder has existed long before the popular media that we enjoy these days."

At this point there is no known connection between James Holmes, the 24-year-old Aurora shooting suspect, and the Dark Knight Comic.

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