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Two Jacksonville City Council members have different ideas on who should be in charge your money

1:48 PM, Jul 11, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Two city councilmen are facing off over your money. It's a story we've been following for days. First Coast News uncovered a private City Council idea to find ways to get your money from agencies you may use every day.

We wanted a debate to better understand this complex issue about your money. We asked Council President Bill Bishop and Councilman Matt Schellenberg who should be in charge of your money: City Council or the agencies that collect your fee and tax money. 
We talking about agencies you may use every day: JEA, Jacksonville Transportation Authority, the Jacksonville Aviation Authority and the Jacksonville Port Authority. 

Here's where they have very different ideas on who should be spending your money.

Councilman Schellenberg said, "I believe they probably know more than we do and that's why we put those people in charge. And that's why we hired good executive directors. To mind the store of the assets of Jacksonville. If they believe the assets moving forward to grow the business, hire people, pay off the debt, things like that, I want them to keep it."

Bishop had a different view. He said this is your money, and he believes the City, not these agencies, should be in charge of spending it.
"Using the airport as an example. The Board's job is to maximize the income of the airport authority. Pure and simple, it has nothing to do with the City, it has nothing to do with what they think of excess fund, or excess anything," Bishop explained.

And that is why Councilman Bishop says he wants to look at different ways of spending your money. The next step: Bishop is going to form committees to start studying these agencies in the next few weeks.  They will see how much money the agencies really have, and decide if they want to get your money. First For You, we will follow this every step of the way. We also got financials from these agencies, which can be seen by clicking here.

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