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Jacksonville man wants city to clear park drains so his property doesn't flood again

5:53 PM, Jul 3, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A Jacksonville man wants to know why the city won't clean out drains in a park. He said because of the lack of drainage, his property floods.

When Mark Sadusky bought his house in 2001, he didn't know it came with a lake.

"As far as you could see, this was all underwater," he said.

After the last rain, water started flowing into his yard.

"This here is now threatening our property, our homes," Sadusky said.

He said the water was deep. Almost up to his knee in certain parts. Essentially, his entire yard flooded. 

"That pump went out and I had no water in the house," he added.

Here's the problem: "This can't drain, it can't go anywhere but on to our property," he said. 

Sadusky said the City of Jacksonville is not doing its part. Down the way from his property, you'll find Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail Park. Inside this park, drains are clogged with debris and growth.

"They put this drain in right here, as you can see, its overgrowth because they don't take care of it."

Sadusky said he has contacted the city multiple times. He said he has made calls and e-mailed. 

"When I do talk to the City they say well they are going to look into my complaints and they will send somebody out, but I haven't seen somebody yet," he said. 

He wants the city to maintain its drains, so he can continue to maintain his own property.

"It says they're not keeping up with their parks, they're not doing their job really," he said.

We reached out to the City asking for an interview. They did not give one, but city spokeswoman Debbie Delgado sent an e-mail. 

She wrote, "He was told by PW that his concern about the Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail causing flooding on his property would be investigated. He was also told that the Emergency Preparedness Division would contact him regarding the damage to his pump."

She said city has been getting inundated with calls since Tropical Storm Debby and they are working hard to catch up.

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