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Debby turns couple's yard into a river

9:56 PM, Jun 25, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Tropical Storm Debby has given one Westside couple a swimming pool they don't want.

"If we get another rain tonight the water's going to come in our back door," Sarah Katz said.

New home excitement is dampened by the water knocking at the back door.

"It's unacceptable," added Nicole Lacey. "It's a brand new home."

Lacey and her partner Katz closed on the home this March.

"We were told when we moved in because the ditch behind our house wasn't set right," Katz said. "We asked them to fix it. They gave us a letter at closing saying they would fix the issue within 14 days."

14 days came and went.

The excitement of painting and buying new furniture was all blown out the window by Beryl's flooding; only the first sign.

Now with Tropical Storm Debby, they've had to move their living room furniture away from the back door; the only thing between their newly decorated home and a growing river in the yard.

"We built a man-made ditch and dam to divert it that way to keep it from coming into our house," Lacey explained. "We're catching [water from] the whole community."

"The rain is too much. Our drainage systems on the streets can't handle it," said neighbor Joe Stolz, who has lived in a different area of the neighborhood for about three years.

"It starts to building up like a river, a raging river going down the street and it usually collects down here," Stolz explained.

Here, being Katz and Lacey's yard.

"He came out today and told us now it's the city's problem," Katz said.

Now, they say builders are passing the baton to the city.

But the couple and their attorney believe the flooding concerns were known, but not disclosed, by the builders.

"We want it fixed," Katz said. "We don't want to have to worry every time it rains that our house is going to flood."

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