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Dash cam video shows arrest of Nassau County Commissioner

6:53 AM, Jun 20, 2012   |    comments
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NASSAU COUNTY, Fla -- "Are there cameras everywhere for voice and video? I want to know if I am being set up," said Nassau County commissioner Stacy Johnson during her DUI arrest on Friday.

First Coast News obtained the dash cam video of Johnson's arrest. The camera begins recording after several Nassau County sheriff's cars are in and around Johnson's driveway.

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The deputy tells Johnson they have gotten several complaints about her driving and he is going to conduct a criminal investigation because he believes she's been drinking and driving.  Johnson is not seen in the video, but you can hear her voice.

Johnson: "You know what is going on? This is all political, I'm not even playing."

Deputy: "No ma'am it is not. This has nothing to do about being political. I smell the odor of alcohol on your breath."

The 42 minute dashcam video (story continues after video)

Johnson states early on that she is not going to take a breathalyzer. Around eight minutes into the recording, after she refuses to take the field sobriety test, she is placed under arrest.

Deputy: "Please turn around and place your hands behind your back."

Johnson: "Are you serious?"

Deputy: "I am dead serious."

Johnson begins stating she wants her phone back and she wants her attorney.

Johnson: "I'm not allowed to have an attorney?"

Deputy: "You are allowed to have an attorney."

Johnson: "Can I get one right now?"

Deputy: "Once we get to jail."

For the next several minutes, Johnson and the deputy go back and forth about her wanting to call her lawyer and getting her phone back. She even changes her mind and offers to take the sobriety test, but the deputy says since she refused and to him appears to be drunk, she will be taken to jail.

At around 31 minutes into the tape, they start driving toward the jail and she claims she has been set up.

Johnson: "I get pulled over because they want something on me."

As they pull into the jail, she vents her frustrations one more time.

Johnson: "This is politics at its finest in Nassau county!"

Stacy Johnson has since been released from jail.

First Coast News

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