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Yikes! 'Great White' Shark Attacks Fisherman's Kayak

6:59 AM, May 16, 2012   |    comments
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PASO ROBLES, Calif. -- A shark believed to be a 15-foot great white attacked the kayak of a California man when he was out fishing off Moonstone Beach on the central coast of the state, KSBY-TV reported on Tuesday.

Joey Nocchi, 30, of Paso Robles, Calif. said that that his kayak was suddenly jolted by a blow from underneath that lifted the boat right out of the water on Saturday in the incident just south of San Simeon State Park.

Nocchi's fishing buddies who witnessed the encounter from their kayaks said "the shark came all the way out of the water, jaws open, extra eyelids closed like they do when they're making a kill strike," Nocchi told The Tribune of San Luis Obispo.

The shark left 20-inch bite marks in the boat when it struck, dumping Nocchi into the water.

"I had my life vest on and (the shark) came across me," Nocchi told NBC station KSBY. "I didn't want to touch it. I had my hands back but his tail came across me and I felt his skin on my hands. It was a pretty crazy, eerie feeling."

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Evidently, the shark lost interest after tasting the kayak.

Nocchi, who was unhurt, was able to right the boat and paddle it back to shore while water poured through the gash.

Warnings since have since been posted on the beach.

Nocchi told KSBY he will get back out on the water, maybe in a few days.

"I got that out of the way now," he said of the shark attack. "It probably shouldn't happen again."


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