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Workers Say A/C Company Operated without License

3:19 PM, Mar 19, 2012   |    comments
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ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Shawn Long says she managed the Orange Park office of Bayside Heating and Cooling since January.

But she abruptly closed the doors last Thursday. She says she stopped getting paid, along with service technicians and other Bayside workers in the area.

She took us back to the office Monday -- her key still works -- and discovered it cleaned out.

"They will reopen. That's their MO. Each office here in Florida has had three or four different addresses where they just close and reopen at new locations," Long said.

She has stacks of paperwork, invoices and work orders dating back to January. Check out the license number that's at the top of all the work orders and invoices from the past few weeks -- CAC1816066. That license belongs to Michael Hubbard of Kissimmee.

Only problem is Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation revoked his license on January 23, which means he's not allowed to operate his A/C business. State investigators determined he wasn't getting permits for the A/C and heating orders.

"I personally asked Michael Hubbard, 'do I need to pull a permit for this install?' And he said no," Long said.

We left several messages with Michael Hubbard and other officials with Bayside Heating and Cooling. No one has called us back.

But others who used to work for Bayside say something is wrong. Larry Hagadorn says he used to schedule repair work, but his last two paychecks were returned due to insufficient funds.

"I started getting suspicious in December of last year when a lot of other employees' paychecks had bounced," he said.

So what can you do to protect yourself? First, they all have to operate in Florida with a license number and you should ask for that number. Then go to, enter the number, and you can see if the license is current or not.

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