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Wild Goose Chase Near Mandarin Hobby Lobby

5:53 AM, Mar 16, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A goose in Mandarin has a First Coast woman up in arms.

Well, to be specific, it's Canadian goose eggs that have her fluffed.

The geese are a protected species that Sue Dulaney immediately recognized outside the Mandarin Hobby Lobby.

"I saw Mr. Goose standing guard here. He was about yay high, and then I saw Mrs. Goose sitting under this big beautiful tree," she said.

Dulaney snapped a few pictures of the geese and the eggs before going to get some food and water for them.

"I had some squirrel mix with cracked corn," she said.

But she said by the time she returned, the nest was destroyed.

"Within five minutes this tree was cut like this and all the debris was on their nest," she said.

Not knowing what to do next, Dulaney called anyone who would listen.

"I called Wildlife Protection. I called BEAKS back. I called the biologist for the state," she said.

Through her calls and research, she found out that purposefully destroying a nest or disturbing the birds is actually a federal crime.

According to the federal Migratory Bird Act, anyone who knowingly causes harm to Canadian Geese can be cited.

"These are the Canadian Geese. They're protected, and this is just disgusting," she said.  

Dulaney called Florida Fish and Wildlife who did send an officer to investigate.

A spokeswoman with the department told First Coast News that no one was cited.

The landscaping company did not realize the nest was there, and the property manager actually plans to keep it on the property.

But Dulaney thinks it's a missed opportunity for the commercial complex.

"They could have turned it in to a whole Easter thing, and encouraged people to come in and buy easter supplies and have their own geese out here sitting on eggs," she said.

If the property manager wanted to move the nest, they could do it, but they would first have to get a federal permit.  

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