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Debrah West Daniels

4:52 PM, Jan 27, 2012   |    comments
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When I think of African American women and their contributions to culture, I am reminded of the undisputable fact that African American women have served in the development of our country in every aspect. These women have always had the extra burden of raising their own babies as well as caring for the children of other families, whether they were children of their employers, extended families or the off springs of the community at large. African American women have stood tall against seemingly insurmountable odds knowing full well that in the words of Anna Julia Cooper, "when and where we enter, we bring the whole race with us."

I chose my profession because with my background, I could make a contribution to the families served in the community. My father instilled values in me similar to his mantra - "if you see a wrong, don't try to justify it, correct it." I wanted to continue the legacy of serving families in their greatest hour of need through meticulous care and consideration.

My work has contributed to this culture by easing some of the burdens during a difficult time. I also take this time to educate families on some of the misconceptions of death and a funeral service. Through my business, I am providing much needed employment for some who are impacted by the severe unemployment crisis.

With no hesitation, my greatest mentors were my parents - Alphonso and Grace West. They encouraged, influenced, mentored and acted as the best role models I could have ever imagined.

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