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Betty Burney

2:26 PM, Jan 27, 2012   |    comments
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African American women have made an indelible mark on America's culture. Throughout history, African American women have demonstrated resilience in the face of obstacles. Despite having their children and spouses snatched and sold during slavery; and in spite of having to leave their children at home in order to rear the children of their employers, while simultaneously being treated as second class citizens,
African American women have demonstrated to America the inner resolve to stand strong and the unrelenting drive to persevere.

I believe that every child is entitled to a high quality public education. As an Education Consultant and an elected member of the Duval County School Board I chose my profession as a vehicle to empower, inspire and motivate children to realize their God-given potential. I wanted to be a vital part of making a difference in the lives of children who had been labeled by society as incapable of achieving success.

For 25 years I have worked to help students to internalize the affirmation that they are "smart...intelligent...and good" and that they are capable of doing great and praiseworthy things! This notion empowers students to take control of their actions and to understand that if they fall they can certainly get back up. Every facet of my work since 1987 has been devoted to equipping students with knowledge in order that they can persevere.

My parents, the late Oliver and Helen Seabrook, had the greatest impact on my life. They pushed me beyond my comfort zone and made me believe that I could accomplish anything I attempted. My Father told me constantly that I was smart and that I was an achiever. Helen Seabrook modeled the essence of being a woman of class and dignity and held high expectations that I would become a woman of character.
Additionally, my former Kindergarten teacher (Warnie L. Pinkney, Pinkney's KinderCollege) and the adult members of St. Luke Baptist Church were positive role models who taught me at an early age to do everything with excellence. Those individuals shaped my character during my formative years.

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