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New Procedure Promises to Get Rid of 'Turkey Neck' without Surgery

5:55 PM, Jan 5, 2012   |    comments
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Flabby, saggy skin under your neck is one of the signs of aging. But now new treatments can solve the problem without major surgery.

Lynda West did a double take when it looked like her youthful face was headed south.

"It was one of those where I'd seen several pictures of me and I was mortified to see, you know, this giant, you know, turkey neck and I just thought it was very aging."

But West was reluctant to schedule a surgical tuck for her jaw and neck. "You're changing the way you look, for better or worse."

Dr. Robert Weiss said there are non-evasive options. One is Exilis. It focuses radio frequency energy right on the area. "If you start doing facelifts when you're in your 40s, you're doomed to having to do them in your 50s and your 60s."

But Weiss said one solution is heat. "We can actually heat the skin to tighten it and we can heat the fat to make the fat cells leaky."

Some users said the heating also generates collagen responses.

"In heated or maybe slightly altered in some way and so it needs to be replaced," said Weiss.

And while heat is involved it's usually not uncomfortable.

"Patients describe this as a warm massage most people tend to want to just close their eyes and sit back and relax," Weiss said

Most people need a few half-hour treatments.

Weiss said that three of four treatments result in tightening that lasts a year or two. "She may need to come back maybe once a year or once every other year for maintenance."


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