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App For Cheaters Gets More Play From Women

5:18 AM, Jun 27, 2011   |    comments
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WEST PALM BEACH, FL -- It's an app that can help cheaters cover their digital tracks, and it's already getting some downloads on the Android market.

It's called CATE which stands for "call and text eraser", which is exactly what it does; erases any opportunity for your partner to find out who you've been in contact with on your cell phone.

CATE's creator says, "it intercepts calls and text messages from people on your list and stores it within the app."

Phillip Immler is a local cop, turned app creator.

He created the app after a friend's phone was hacked by his spouse.

Immler says, "I had a good friend of mine who went through a divorce because his wife was finding things.

"They could [now] block certain people they wanted to block at certain times. and a fortunate benefit of it is for people who do cheat."

Only the app owner has the pass code to unlock the contacts he or she decides should be hidden from view.

However, there's already mixed reaction; some criticism on the streets, and praises on-line.

Divorce attorney Robin Roshkind says while the app may promise to hide your infidelity, it won't stop a determined woman or man wanting to know the truth.

"Trust me," Roshkind says.

"We still have our ways, a good old fashioned private investigator. It's a little ironic it was an officer of the law that came up with this app."

However, Immler begs to differ.

He says he goes out on a number of domestic violence calls that are sparked by what is seen on a cell phone.

"I see quite a bit of domestic violence," Immler explains, "And a lot of it is a result of someone, maybe even innocently, went through their spouse's phone."

So far, CATE has been downloaded more than 20 times in its first week at $2.99 a pop.

Despite the purpose of his app, Immler insists he "doesn't condone cheating."

Immler says more women have purchased the app than men.









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