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Thanks To UNF Students, iPad Rock Show May Be Coming Soon

5:20 PM, Jun 1, 2011   |    comments
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Casey Ayers demonstrated The Trubador

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Casey Ayers and Patrick Duffy clearly have the entrepreneurial spirit. The two buddies have collaborated on an invention they hope will catch on with musicians of all skill levels.

"Well we heard musicians playing the instrument apps on the iPad, and these would work great in a live environment," Ayers said, "But if you're going to be moving around on stage you need something to hold it for you."

Ayers graduated from the University of North Florida in 2008 and met up with Duffy while working on a similar project.

They put their heads together again and created an invention that's getting some attention.

"The device itself is an iPad case that not only has straps so you can use both hands, but it also supports itself at an angle so you can operate and use your iPad at the same time," said Duffy, who is in the class of 2013 at UNF.

They're doing it as a part of the Kickstarter program. Basically, they sign up their invention to a website and have a set amount of time for folks to support it.

"So people can go and pre-order and say, 'I'd pay $40 for one of those," Ayers explained. "And if we hit out project goal of $15,000 then it will go into production."

As of Tuesday night, May 31, thee pair has 61 days left to reach that goal. 

Visit The Trubador product website.


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