Will gas prices rise by Memorial Day weekend?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer.

Millions of people across the nation and many on the First Coast are making plans to hit the road this weekend.

First For You, we decided to find out what you'll be paying to fill up.

This weekend, 39 million Americans are expected to be on the roads for the holiday. Almost everyone will be gassing up their vehicle for the journey.

"I can't even afford to fill this thing up now with the prices the way they are," said David Gibbs of Jacksonville as he put gas in his car. He told FCN he regularly puts $100 a week in his tank to be able to get back and forth from work.

Robert Dykes, of Jacksonville, said he spends about $90 to fill up his truck.

"When a third of your check is going to fuel every two weeks, it'skind of hard to go out and make plans to do anything," he said.

Gasbuddy.com said Jacksonville's average cost for a gallon of regular fuel is $3.44, with the lowest coming in at $3.35 at Sam's Club on Beach Boulevard.

The United States Energy Information Administration said Florida's average for May 13th was $3.55. They project regular gasoline will cost an average of $3.56 per gallon in June across the nation.

FCN asked AAA of Northeast Florida if gas prices could rise by the weekend.

"Actually no," said spokesman Bill Bishop said. "We expect them to remain the same."

But, there is a catch...

"In the Northeast section of the country, yes. Prices are rising," Bishop said.

The northeast is where Minetha Jean of Jacksonville is going. She is traveling to New Jersey for the holiday weekend.

FCN asked her if the possible rise in gas prices in that part of the country will that hurt her pocketbook.

"Oh yes!" she exclaimed. "Oh (expletive)," she said as she covered her mouth. "Excuse my language! Yeah. Oh yeah."

"If they stay the same, we can live with that," said Gibbs. "But, we need them to come down."

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