Lime shortage raising costs nationwide

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- For ten years, Brian Dover has been selling produce for a living at the Jacksonville Farmers Market.

And he's got everything anyone would need for an appropriate Cinco de Mayo celebration.

"Got the tomatoes, got the peppers, got the onions," he said, listing the ingredients for an outstanding salsa.

There's just one thing missing: "Yeah, I got all the stuff, except the limes," he said.

He said they're way too expensive to justify buying them, the most expensive he's seen in his ten years.

"Limes right now are real high, like $100 to $110 a box, so we can't run 'em," he said.

A box of 110 limes has reached it's highest point of $120 in some cases this month. Compare that to the $22 a box of limes cost Dover in January.

To blame: Bad Mexican weather, a lime bacteria and drug cartels stealing limes south of the border.

"It could be a lot of things," Dover said. "We're just hoping those things fix themselves in the next couple months."

He said he'll still import the limes, even at the extremely high prices, for local restaurants he works with.

"The only way I'm paying that is if I've got someone who wants to order the whole box, and that's the restaurants," he said. "Otherwise I'd have to charge around $2.00 per lime, and I'm just not doing that."


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