Anheuser-Busch to unveil new beer at Super Bowl

For the second consecutive year, Anheuser-Busch InBev will serve up a new brew to Super Bowl viewers.

Thebeer giant will tout its just-out Budweiser Black Crown brand duringthe Feb. 3 Super Bowl XLVII. The new beer is scheduled to be on salenationwide by Jan. 21.

Last year, A-B introduced another new brand, Bud Light Platinum, to the massive audience watching the Big Game.

"TheSuper Bowl really is the ideal venue to launch something new," saysBudweiser Vice President Rob McCarthy, noting that Super Bowl viewers,expected to surpass 110 million, are engaged with the ads as they watchthe game live.

Black Crown's recipe was picked from among sixlimited-edition beers that were created by Budweiser brewmasters earlierthis year. Based on positive consumer feedback, A-B decided to takethis formula national.

Thenew beer, a golden amber lager, is "a little bit darker and a littlebit more flavorful" than the traditional Budweiser lager, says McCarthy.

With 6% alcohol by volume, Black Crown also has more alcoholcontent than traditional Budweiser's 5%. And the premium brew will beabout 15% more expensive, McCarthy says.

A-B hopes to cater to variety-seeking Millennials with the new beer.

"Thisbrand will appeal to a broad range of beer drinkers, but especially to21-to-34-year-old, trend-setting-type consumers," says McCarthy.

Inthe Super Bowl ad, a brewmaster salutes a group of American beerdrinkers seated at a table and also toasts the Black Crown brand.

Thenew brand may get more than one game ad. A-B shot two 30-secondcommercials with the same theme, but executives still are decidingwhether to air one or two Black Crown ads in the game.

New brews,such as Bud Light Platinum and Budweiser Light Lime-A-Rita, have helpedA-B reverse its U.S. sales decline of the last few years, says EricShepard, executive editor for the newsletter Beer Market Insights.

Industryleader A-B, as well as other beer makers, fell behind as spirit makersoffered consumers a wide range of new products, including vodka?s thatcome in different flavors, he says.

Butthis year, the beer industry is showing a recovery. New flavors, aswell as an improving economy, helped to reverse the slide, says Shepard.

Asfor the Super Bowl, A-B is the game's exclusive beer advertiser andwill be a top advertiser in the game. The company still is determiningthe total ad time it will have in the game and the final lineup of otherbrands that it will promote.


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