#YouFirst News Tips
Below you'll find a list of our First Coast News franchises. Please fill out the form below and select the one that best matches the story you'd like to share with us:

Breaking News & Breaking Weather
Tracking breaking news and breaking weather are our first priority in keeping You ( and your family ) First. If you have a breaking news story, or if weather is developing in your neighborhood, email us at news@firstcoastnews.com. If you can safely document the event, send us a picture. We'd love to mention you on air !

At First Coast News, we are putting you first! Tell us your story. Who do you put first? What stories matter the most to you? Did someone at FCN put you first? Tell us how we can put you first!

FCN Investigates
Our investigative team is working to uncover the stories that affect you and your community. Your investigative story idea will be reviewed and assigned to the appropriate reporter or producer.

On Your Side
Ken Amaro and his consumer team put #youfirst as they use their vast resources to solve your problems. In addition to the daily stories, Ken and the OYS squad hold live On Your Side phone banks from 6-7am and 5-6:30pm the second Friday of each month.

Teacher and Student of the week
These franchises are designed to recognize some of the amazing selfless teachers in our community….and students who reflect them in education, kindness and dedication.


This is the best high school sports franchise in town ! Our sports department's energetic coverage of football and more is unparalleled on the First Coast ! Our travelling FCN "game box" gives students a chance to do a short video, or take photos with friends at football games. Our #teamsideline social media allows parents and students to share in the action as it's happening.


This opportunity truly puts you and your community first. If you have a community event that you would like to see scrolled at the bottom of the television screen during the 6am hour of Good Morning Jacksonville on Fridays, please send us the details at this address. We reserve the right to determine that some events may not be appropriate for children.

Share your Video and Photos

Here are some ideas of videos and photos we are looking for:

  • Breaking News
  • High School or community sports activities
  • Great stories - Acts of heroism, selflessness, etc.
  • Compelling photos of weather or news events
E-MAIL PHOTOS: photos@firstcoastnews.com

Photo editing & submission tips:
  • Recommended size: 1920x1080 JPG at 72dpi
  • If needed, please rotate photos for optimal viewing
  • Include your name and a description of the photo
SHARE VIDEO: Post your video to Youtube or Facebook and share it with us at https://www.facebook.com/FirstCoastNews

SEND NEWS TIPS: If you have a story or an event you'd like First Coast News to consider covering, please e-mail your story.