Pet Paradise helps the Jax Humane Society save lives

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- While man's best friend waits for a forever home, some get a little break from the shelter.

"We like to say they are going on vacation, they are spending 30 days in paradise," tells Amy Pierce with the Jacksonville Humane Society.

Pet Paradise to be exact! It is a boarding, spa and daycare facility for pets, but what you probably didn't know is that it also opens 30 spots several times a year for dogs from the Jacksonville Humane Society.

"To keep Jacksonville no kill is the goal so we are happy to do it," says Lisa Tarr with Pet Paradise.

Those spots free up space at the Jacksonville Humane Society, so it can take in more pets just before a mega adoption. It also gives those dogs a chance to feel loved and even learn some new skills, like swimming!

"Of course all the staff have hearts for those little guys who don't have homes, so we may give them a little extra TLC," says Tarr.

Pierce with the Jacksonville Humane Society says the partnership saves around 120 lives a year. That's 120 wagging tails and wet noses that now are in loving homes.

The Jacksonville Humane Society along with Pet Paradise also help women that are trying to escape abusive relationships that may have pets. When a woman goes to a women's shelter that don't accept dogs, the Jacksonville Humane Society along with Pet Paradise help get the dog to an undisclosed location to be kept safe as well."To watch love happen and see that connection, a dog meets eyes with a person and you know it is going to be love for life. It is the best feeling in the world," says Pierce.


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