Feel Good Friday: Local couple saves hundreds of foster dogs

BRYCEVILLE, Fla. -- In Bryceville, there is one farm different from all the rest.

But this story really began in 2005, when Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer Tanya Nelson rescued a puppy named Martin.

"So we started fostering for the local shelter and it just kind of bloomed from there," she said.

And bloom it did! Little Martin was the first in what would grow to be a farm full of foster pets looking for loving homes. 19 Dogs currently call Hoof & Woof Farm their home, but JSO Officers Tanya Nelson and her husband Gary have saved the lives of over 700 animals.

"It is a very good feeling to be able to help them because we know they would probably be dead," told Tanya.

Tanya and Gary take in the dogs facing euthanization, teach them good behavior and even crate train them, then work to get the dogs adopted back out.

Some of the dogs over the years they decided to keep. Tanya found Peggy while she was out on a call and saw the severe injury to her leg. Tanya immediately got Peggy help, charged the people responsible and now Peggy has a happy life with the Nelsons.

"Whatever crosses my path, I will take it in and help it," said Tanya.

Much of what they do at Hoof & Woof farm comes from their own pockets, but it brings them so much joy to save the dogs and get them into forever homes!

"That is what I do, they stay however long they need to stay until they are happy and well adjusted enough that they can go to someone else," explained Tanya with a smile.

The Nelson's also own horses and board a few horses as well at Hoof & Woof Farm.
If you spotted a dog in the story you might be interested in bringing home or you would just like to donate to help email Tanya at Gunner5928@hotmail.com.

You can also visit their PetFinder page here.


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