Checking in with injured Chihuahua, Abby

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The first disturbing images of Abby tugged at many hearts from all around the nation.

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Abby was a scared little Chihuahua, with two big casts, wrapped in a blanket after she had been tossed out of a moving car.

She had painful breaks in both her front legs but thanks to thousands of dollars in donations, Abby had the emergency surgery she desperately needed.

"The idea that anybody could hurt something this sweet just upsets me," said Rob McCarthy, a vet tech with the Jacksonville Humane Society.

Abby now has a new home with McCarthy, he was working at the Jacksonville Humane Society the day she was brought in.

"The moment I saw her, I kind of grabbed her from the girls up front and I haven't let her go since," said McCarthy with a smile.

McCarthy said Abby's traumatic experience hasn't broken her spirit. She still loves being around people and is healing quickly.

All of the extra money after Abby's medical expenses were covered went to the Jacksonville Humane Society to help more dogs that come in with severe injuries.

The community and even national response to Abby's story was incredible and now Abby will have a loving and safe home with him forever, said McCarthy.

"She is just going to be spoiled and pampered and have a wonderful life," McCarthy said as he held Abby.

To help pay for emergency care for injured animals, donate to the "Mend a Friend" fund on


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