UPDATE: Jacksonville woman gives kidney to little stranger

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A two-year-old from Minneapolis received the gift of life from a Jacksonville mother. Arianna Moore, 2, underwent kidney transplant surgery on June 18. The donor is Christy Harding. She is a Jacksonville mother who says a picture on her Facebook newsfeed completely changed her life, and in turn, changed the life a of a little stranger, who she had never met.

Harding said, "[When I saw the post I thought] if this was our daughter, we would want everyone to save her...because they can."

Harding saw the post on the Facebook page, ALL-4-MOORE, hoping to give Arianna a chance at life. She suffers from a rare genetic disorder that causes scarring of the kidney.

Arianna's father, Jeremy, says the journey has been difficult.

"She's on dialysis about ten hours a day," said Jeremy Moore. "She's on it when she gets up [then] she sleeps at night and then gets back on when she gets up in the morning."

The Facebook picture prompted Harding to pick up the phone and within months, she found herself ready to fly to Minneapolis to donate her kidney to a little stranger.

"It had to be God whispering in my ear...it's the only thing I can think of," Harding said.

Surgery was set for May but postponed after Arianna came down with a virus, which doctors feared was pneumonia. Unfortunately, Harding was forced to fly back to Jacksonville, she says in tears.

"It was just a real roller coaster and I felt like I fell off. But, after you fall off...you get back up and dust yourself off and get ready for the next stage," Harding said.

On June 18, Harding traveled back to Arianna's home-state and both surgeries were performed. Arianna has a hernia in her groin-area, which adds extra pressure to the tender area. However, both are healing.

Doctors and Arianna's mother, Ashley Booth, are keeping a close-eye on her progress.

"She still has a long road ahead of her," said Booth. "These next few months are crucial as they go down in medicine."

Harding said, "She's a feisty fighter and I love her."

Now, this feisty fighter, who could not take baths with her twin sister or swim with brothers, can start living like any toddler should.

"When there is good to be done, you need to do it," said Harding. "And, you can't just say it or like it on Facebook or share a link. It doesn't have to be this dramatic, but everyone can do something."

Harding has set up a GOFUNDME page in order to raise money to send Arianna and her family to Disneyworld.

To donate: CLICK HERE

Original Post

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --- One Jacksonville woman is donating her kidney to someone she's never met -- and it all started with a simple Facebook post.

"It said, 'if you're Type-O blood, you could be her hero' and I thought, I am type O blood," said donor, Christy Harding.

Come Monday, Harding is headed to Minnesota to give up her kidney to a two-year-old who is fighting for her life.

"I don't know why I stopped on this one [status] and called on this one," said Harding.

Harding is talking about Arianna Moore. Her picture was posted on the Facebook page: ALL4MOORE.

Now, with Christy's help, Arianna will be able to escape the chains of dialysis and live like any two-year-old should live. Arianna was diagnosed with Diffuse Mesangial Sclerosis at birth. Her kidneys are failing her, and she's struggling to stay alive. Arianna cannot take baths or swim and she cannot keep up with her twin sister or two older brothers.

However, her smile is from ear-to-ear.

Arianna's story hits home for Christy because she too, has a two-year-old daughter.

"I can't imagine waiting for that phone call for someone to say, 'yes,'" said Harding. "Someone has made the decision to save your daughter's life."


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