People of Jacksonville: Samuel Morrow, The Dog Man

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Samuel Morrow rides his bike on Jacksonville Beach every day.

"Three hours a day," he said. "Seven days a week, 365 days a year."

When he's not at work, he's riding.

But it's not exactly his beach cruising persistence that turns all the heads.

It's his shoulder riding buddy.

"His name is Pudge, everyone calls him Pudge," Morrow said of the 4-year-old terrier mix that rides with him everywhere.

They're truly inseparable, Morrow says, even at home Pudge stays on his shoulders.

"I'll get in the shower, Pudge will jump in and try to get on my shoulders," he said laughing.

Morrow rides all over the Beaches area, but takes his dog-and-bicycle show West as well.

"We'll ride all the way out to Mandarin," he said. "I've probably put 150,000 miles on this bike."

He says he never trained Pudge to ride like this.

"When he was eight months old he climbed up on my shoulders and didn't want to come down," he said.

So, Morrow thought he'd try riding his bike with him.

"At first I got a basket for him so he could ride with me," he said the basket did not work out.

"He didn't want to stay in there. He kept trying to climb on my shoulders."

And now, four years later, the two are turning heads on the beach and getting honks at red lights from their unique way of getting around town.

But he says not everyone like it.

"When I ride there's a lot of people who are scared for the dog, they try to get JSO involved for animal cruelty."

But he insists they've never fallen.

"He's never been hurt, never fallen of my shoulders," he said. "I know he's happy, just look at him, that proves it."

Morrow says he does it partly for exercise, but also to relax, and spend time with his buddy.

"It's just a peaceful time I have with my dog," he said. "At the beach there no traffic, no one to stop me, it's just me and my dog."


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