Oldest scuba diver: 'I'm 90. Why should I be afraid?'

DENVER – It takes a lot to steal the attention away from three colorful mermaids singing and dancing underwater. But that's just Martha Loats - a woman worth your attention.

Photographers and tourists alike snapped photos of Loats in the background of the mermaid show at the Denver Downtown Aquarium after finding out that the scuba diver is 90 years old. Martha, on the other hand, didn't get all the "hoopla."

"I don't understand it," she said. "I'm only going scuba diving."

Loats would have everyone believe she's just an ordinary senior citizen. But not many senior citizens have done what she's done.

On Thursday, Loats became the oldest person to ever scuba dive at the Denver Downtown Aquarium. After getting instructions from the team with A-1 Scuba & Travel Aquatics Center, she jumped in the water with all of the sea creatures. It's just one of the adventures she's taken in the past few years. Some of those adventures have been with her fellow residents in the Clermont Park Retirement Community.

"Everyone that lives here, lives," she said. "We don't come here to die. We come here to live!"

And Loats is living her life to the fullest. A friend suggested she go scuba diving, since she's already jumped out of a plane. Loats went skydiving in California on her birthday in March as her family looked on.

"I insisted on going up on my birthday," she smiled.

The daredevil has also gone up in a hot air balloon, and she's been ziplining. Loats says she wants to do all she can while she's able.

"I never thought I'd live to be 90," she said. "You have a different outlook on life when you live to be that age."


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