Couple finds mystery photo albums in their attic

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A couple who just moved into a St. Nicholas home found an old collection of photo albums and other documents in their attic.

"There are hundreds of pictures, yearbooks, business ledgers, even some wedding invitations and postcards," said Brittany Barnes, who moved into the house in December.

A couple days after they moved into their home, they went exploring in the attic.

"We were just being nosy," she said laughing.

In a dark, dusty corner they found boxes full of the family memories all from the 1930s and 1940s.

"The latest date I've seen on any of these pictures is 1946," she said.

The one consistent name in the photos and correspondence is Virginia Poucher, who was the original owner when the house was built in 1943.

Barnes was so fascinated by the old family albums, she became dedicated to find their rightful owner.

"Well I talked to the neighbors and they told me Mrs. Poucher had passed away," she said.

According to genealogy records, she died in 2003 and was buried in the Oaklawn Cemetery.

Her husband, who is seen in many of the pictures dressed in Naval attire, died in 1974, according to those same records.

"So we're kinda running into a dead end here," she said of her search for someone who might want the photos.

She said she hopes maybe a child, or grandchild will come forward to claim the pictures, because she feels like there's a lot to be learned from them.

"I want someone in her family to cherish these," she said. "They need to be shared with a younger generation."

If you recognize these photos, or the name, please get in touch with reporter Lewis Turner:


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