Family finds 8 puppies abandoned in a ditch

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Doris Goodman and her mom were coming back home from a quick errand and they couldn't believe they saw a puppy wandering in the road. They looked more closely and saw a second in the road and six more in a ditch.

Goodman asks what "heartless person" would do such a thing? Goodman says people are being cruel when they don't take time to drive unwanted puppies to the Jacksonville Humane Society.

Humane Society Development Director, Amy Pierce, says people will not be in any trouble whatsoever if they drop off unwanted animals. She says the shelter considers that a "good thing" rather than leaving helpless animals alone in a parking lot or on the side of a road.

The Goodman family found friends and family members to take five of the puppies, which the Humane Society thinks are lab mixes.

Then the Goodmans took the other three to the shelter because they heard it was a no-kill facility.

That trio of puppies then went to FCN anchor Jeannie Blaylock's home. She and her family decided to try pet fostering. The Humane Society gives to all pet foster families free pet food, veterinarian care, pet crates and advice. The time period for fostering is typically several weeks until the puppies or kittens are old enough to be adopted out.

A little girl puppy from the ditch needs a home right now. At Jeannie's house they call her "Espresso" for the coffee color of her fur, but a new owner could choose any name.

Espresso is about eight weeks old, likely a lab mix, according to the shelter. She is a lovable puppy who is sensitive to correction and likes to be hugged.

The shelter will microchip foster puppies and spay/neuter them.

The Humane Society has a big need now for people foster parent kittens.

If you'd like to adopt Espresso or any other shelter animal or you want to be a foster pet parent, you can call the Jax Humane Society at 904-725-8766.

You can contact Jeannie at


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